Javier Montoro Periodismo y comunicación

Javier Montoro Periodismo y comunicación

Direct marketing advice to communicate more emotional.
To communicate more effectively.

Without emotion there is no action. Because good communication is the communication that generates response. Because if it is important to inform, excite is critical. Because if information generates conclusions, action generates emotion. And it works as well in advertisement as it does in a memory, a web or a statement. Because the best thing of emotion is that it is contagious. Want to check?

Generating ideas. Promote change. Be more effective.

The strongest companies are those who like change. Because they anticipate . Because they surprise their customers. Therefore I like to organize communication laboratories in order to analyze the messages of the company and, together, propose and test new channels, formats and styles to seduce the customer. Would you like to test it?

An example of emotional communication, of how create a message to connect with our target

Notes, reflections and recommendations. Because communicating is sharing. And it's great.

Holbox en familia y por tu cuenta
Thu, 01 Dec 2022 18:18:57

Última parada del viaje  -Cancún solo era un noche previa al vuelo de vuelta-: Isla de Holbox. Expectativas moderadas, pues habíamos leído muchas cosas buenas pero también demasiadas malas sobre la masificación, la sobreexplotación turística y los precios. Y comprobamos que ambas impresiones son ciertas, pero que a día de hoy, la desproporción es enorme: […]

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